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September 18, 2009
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Alice - Ophelia OC Sketch by S0MAwalkingDEAD Alice - Ophelia OC Sketch by S0MAwalkingDEAD
Ophelia Sinister.
She's the Alice in my story -Alice in the Wood of Doors-

Ophelia Sinister belongs to 13th-Nihilin-Delilah

Alice in the Wood of Doors belongs to 13th-Nihilin-Delilah
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I like~ I like! * u *
It's fun having all those doodles cram on one page~ xD

The second outfit from the left is my favorite!
S0MAwalkingDEAD Sep 20, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
Yaay. It was so hard to find the right hair-style....than I make so many of them XDDDDD

Ophelia is wearing that outfit in the circus of the Boogeyman XD
That's the good thing about girls! xDD
With long hair you can create so many different hair styles! ;DD

The circus of the Boogeyman! @_@
LOL! Tell me what your story is about someday~ :P
S0MAwalkingDEAD Sep 21, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
Yeah right. But...I can't make many hairstyles with my hair. With my curls....^^°

Ok....the Story (Alice in the Wood of Doors) is the scary and morbid version of the original Alicestory. Alice - here ophelia Sinister falls in a river. (like in the theater. Do you know Ophelia from....uhm...Shakespear??? Right)
people save her, but she falls into a coma. In her fantasy she's in the Wonderland...also the Wood of Doors. Behind every door, is another room or place. For example...the banquet of the Childeater, the circus of the Boogeyman, porcelain-house the home of the glassblower, the skullcarousel, the palace of the queen of swords...etc...etc. ^^ and the people who live in these places are all strange and creepy. =U=
I like to keep my hair simple and straight. :P
I'm too lazy to even tie it up most of the time. orz

Hmm... I haven't seen that much Shakespeare but a quick google search told me she's from Hamlet and drown herself. x:
Heheh falling into a river instead of a hole~ xD
Ooohh! So it's all a dream! >w< That's cool! This reminds me of something but I can't really remember but there were doors in the tree or something that leads to different places. :P
It's a nice concept! :0 <33 :heart:
Strange and creepy is what makes the characters unique and stand out. ;DD
S0MAwalkingDEAD Sep 22, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
Right. Me too.....

Hamlet! *head meets table* that was it. XDDDDDDD can i forget that...well yes. But its more a nightmare than a's not really a dream. Then when she wakes up, all the dreatures are real. Than she goes crazy XD
I haven't study Hamlet yet. I will next year! :0
But It sounds insane with all the killing and revenge. :P
:O A nightmare that comes true! Hahahaa~ xDD Crazy little Alice!
I always thought she's a little crazy. o u o
S0MAwalkingDEAD Sep 23, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
XDDD Hamlet..Shakespea...Poe. All so genius and crazy as well.
Oh yeah, thats a big theme in the plays of them.

She must be...I mean....speaking rabbits, living cards and cricket with flamingos. That's completly insane XDDD
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